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Alpha Dawg Regular Seeds
One of the strongest medicinal cannabis varieties available..

American Kush Regular Seeds
A powerful strain with medicinal values..

Bandana Regular Seeds
Good for spasms and pains..

Belka Regular Seeds
Very potent, good producer with medicinal values ..

Bubba Love Regular Seeds
The first Kush in Alphakronik line with coffee and lemon aroma..

Cheddarhead Regular Seeds
The fruitiest tasting hybrid with a shorter flowering time..

Cheddarwurst 2 Regular Seeds
An improved version of Cheddarwurst with sweet and cheesy aromas..

Cheddarwurst Regular Seeds
Very potent with sweet and creamy aromas..

Cronuts Regular Seeds
This strain has unique flavours and full of medicinal values..

Eisbaer Regular Seeds
A very potent strain with medicinal values..

Gobbstopper Regular Seeds
Long lasting fruity flavours and mellow affect..

Heisenberg Kush Regular Seeds
Good yielding medicinal strain..

Laika Regular Seeds
Sweet flavours with medicinal qualities..

Las Vegas Purple Kush BX Regular Seeds
One of AKG's most potent Indica dominant hybrid - limited edition..

Nevada Privada Regular Seeds
Beautiful strain with sweet flavours and medicinal values..