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LA Cannalope Feminised Seeds
The perfect mix of indica and sativa...

La Chocolat Feminised Seeds
The combination of two most popular strains from DNA Genetics - La Confidential and Chocolope create..

LA Woman by DNA Genetics Feminised Freebie Worth €10
Get more of these seeds the more you spend! This seed is worth €10...

Lemon OG Kush Feminised Seeds
This is the true Lemon OG Kush aka Presedential Kush..

Lemon Walker Feminised Seeds (GYO Collection)
Potent Indica dominant variety with medicinal values..

Martian Mean Green Feminised Seeds
2005 Cannabis Cup Winner for Best Sativa..

OG LA Affie Feminised Seeds
This is the original LA Affie. A great medical strain as it relieves pain and helps eliminate insomn..

P.C.K. Regular Seeds - Limited Collection
P.C.K. Regular Seeds - Limited Collection..

Purple LA Feminised Seeds - Limited Collection
Purple LA Feminised Seeds - Limited Collection..