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AK-107 Autoflowering Feminised Seeds
An Auto version of the popular AK-107..

AK47 Feminised Seeds (SERIOUS)
Potent short-flowering sativa strain...

AK48 Feminised Seeds
One of the strongest early-finishing cannabis strains available..

Akorn Feminised Seeds
Tight, large, crystalised colas...

Alien OG Feminised Seeds
New Alien OG release by Cali Connection..

ALLKUSH formerly Sheherazade Feminised Seeds
Body relaxation and medical properties...

Amherst Sour Diesel Feminised Seeds
Quick and easy with medicinal values..

Amnesia Autoflowering Feminised Seeds
An Autoflowering version of a famous Amnesia..

Amnesia Feminised Seeds
This is a lovely, mostly sativa Thai-based hybrid...

Amnesia Haze Automatic Feminised Seeds
A quicker and more compact Autoflowring version of Amnesia Haze ..

Amnesia Haze Feminised Seeds
Amnesia Haze is a winner of High Times Cannabis Cup 2004 and 2006. ..